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Dreaming of permanently straightened hair? You have found the right place. Khrome Hair Studio in Prospect - Adelaide's Experts In Dealing With Frizzy Hair

Discover the Secret to Effortless, Frizz-Free Hair

Welcome to Khrome Hair Studio, where your battle with frizz ends and a new chapter of hair bliss begins. We’ve heard the frustrations – the endless fight against humidity, the hours lost to styling, and the longing for a simpler way to achieve sleek, manageable hair. Our specialised treatments, including Hair Botox, Magic Sleek, Keratin Smoothing, and our signature anti-frizz solutions, are designed with you in mind. Crafted by experts and tailored to meet the unique needs of your hair, our services promise to transform your hair care routine and how you feel about your hair. Step into our salon in Prospect, just minutes from Adelaide CBD, and let us unveil the potential of your locks. At Khrome Hair Studio, flawless hair isn’t just our promise; it’s our specialty.

Keratin Smoothing treatment

Our keratin is derived from sheep wool or natural ingredients for vegans. It contains no formaldehyde. It will soften curls, reduce frizz, and leave hair feeling fabulous. It makes blow-drying easier, last longer and does not frizz in humidity. It’s not a straightening treatment, nor does it grow out. Keratin generally lasts 3-6 months. Hair can be shampooed or tied up straight after treatment. But it cannot be coloured for 2 weeks. My salon has 13 years of experience with keratin. If you prefer to have straight as possible hair, investigate Magic Sleek, natural-based permanent hair straightening at my salon. Free consults are welcome.

Permanent Hair Straightening⁣

Permanent hair straightening with magic sleek is arguably Australia’s most advanced hair straightening system. It is based on natural ingredients, not chemical based and therefore, suits almost every hair type. It is suitable for tinted and foiled hair, but hair colour can lighten during treatment. Most customers will experience 100% straight hair. Magic Sleek does grow out and is generally redone after 6 months. Magic Sleek shampoo plus conditioner is recommended to keep hair in optimum condition. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Anti-frizz Treatments

Introducing our revolutionary anti-frizz treatment, enriched with nourishing ingredients like Cocos Nucifera Oil and Gardenia Tahitensis Flower. Experience the following benefits:

  • Smooths the hair shaft and prevent moisture loss, promoting healthy locks.
  • Enhances hair manageability and conditioning properties for optimal hair health.
  • Offers daily protection against external stress.
  • Boosts hair shine, reduces frizz and facilitates effortless combing.
  • Transform your hair with this exceptional repair and conditioning treatment

Adelaide Hair Botox

Discover the transformation with Hair Botox Straightening at Khrome Hair Studio – your solution for straight, luminous, and smooth hair.

This revolutionary treatment promises a stunning finish that lasts, letting you wave goodbye to frizz and welcome sleek, manageable locks with open arms.

Hair Botox goes beyond mere straightening; it revitalises each strand from within, delivering not just a flawless look but enduring health and shine.

Embrace the confidence of perfect hair days, every day, and enjoy the simplicity of a hair care routine that aligns with the beauty of your spirit. Step into Khrome Hair Studio and let the magic of Hair Botox unveil the best version of your hair.

Other Popular Hair Treatments

Here at Khrome Hair Studio in Prospect, our other popular hair treatments include:

– Steam Pod Finishing (pictured)
– Deep conditioning

– Colouring
– Cutting
– Styling

Using high quality colouring and straightening products, your result will be beyond your expectations.⁣

You will not experience poor quality, unknown brand names in our studio. You will find:⁣

– L’oreal⁣
– Goldwell⁣
– Redken
– Majestic Hair Botox⁣
– Global Keratin (Arguably the best Keratin in Australia)⁣

We also offer take home hair care products made by these brands.⁣

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